Xuan Hoa Kindergarten of Gio An 2017

Dear Polecheck, 

The administrators, all teachers and staff members of Xuan Hoa Kindergarten would like to send our sincere thanks to the sponsors.  Since receiving the attention of the sponsors, Xuan Hoa kindergarten of Gio An commune has been changed a lots.  The children lived on school grounds with dirt and west before, now it has been changed into a flat concrete yard clean and safe for children to play.  The old and broken furniture has now given way to new tables and chairs properly and enough for all children to sit comfortably.

With the support of your benefactors, we promise to use and preserve facilities in the most effective way.  We will resolve to take care of the children better and better so that you will not be distracted by your concern.

By the way, we would like to send our thanks and good health to the sponsors and look forward to receiving more interest from the sponsors for children at Xuan Hoa kindergarten.

Once again wish you good health and hope to see you.




Trinh Thi Thu